How it works

It's so easy to send money with Moneydrop Transfer

Your money’s there in an instant – because we’re already there


Here’s How It Works

  • 1
    Choose the country you want to send to

    we offer a choice of different countries

  • 2
    Choose how you want send your money

    cash pickup, bank deposit, Mobile Money or
    Airtime top-up

  • 3
    Select the amount

    enter an amount and our low fees and exchange
    rates will be clearly shown.

  • 4
    Create an account

    if you don’t already have one, fill in some simple

  • 5
    Enter your friend’s, family’s or beneficiary’s

    choose from a list of people you’ve already sent
    to, or add a new person by entering their details

  • 6

    Choose how you want to pay – bank account
    or debit/credit card - then confirm the amount